Monday, July 21, 2008


I am finally free of the demon that’s been residing in my left molar! After two days of maximum pain killers I had an emergency root canal! Not the most pleasant of experiences but I was brave enough to do it without the gas (but I did shake through the entire proceeding). I can’t tell you, almost immediately after he had “cleaned it all up” I felt like this giant weight had been lifted off my jaw. Now it’s just a little Ibuprofen for the surface pain from the procedure. I feel SOOOO much better. Back to my normal chipper self. And back to my knitting self. I swatched for Who Loves Turtles sweater. And is discovered I don’t have any size 7s in Addi Turbo needles. Can you believe it? I think I might have to convince my fellow travelers to take a detour tomorrow.

Did I mention that Mum & LT & I are heading north to visit family for the rest of the week? We’re going to hang out by the pool and relax and laugh. I’m anxious to let our hair down.

I am a bit sad that I still have not received the French yarn. It’ll be a race for the end for sure.

I’ve already started thinking of the August challenge, I think it’s time to knit another mile, but it’ll be sock yarn since I’m itching to knit socks.

Hope fully can finish the Waving Leaf Socks this week so at least I’ll be moving forward in the Year of Favorites.

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