Sunday, July 6, 2008

Double Success

Busy weekend here in NH. Yesterday I went on a Boston Yarn Crawl with some friends. The weather was perfect for me. Mid 60s and overcast. We all had success at Woolcott and Co. I of course got some Malabrigo. I fear I may be becoming a collector since I buy it for no other reason than it’s pretty. I don’t have a project in mind... or worse yet, I don't like the way Malabrigo looks when it's all knit up. It has more of a halo than I like on my hand knit items, yet I can’t stop myself from buying it.
Later we had some Watermelon beer at Boston Beer Works. While it was a bit watery, it was definitely refreshing. And after walking close to 5 miles, I crashed in the car on the way home. Wait that sounds bad, by “crashed” I mean I fell soundly asleep, but not while driving, I was ridding. But thank you to Katie for putting up with us snoozers.

After a full day of shopping I headed straight over to K & K’s house. It’s been too long since we’ve seen them. Such good people. They make me smile. I worked on the Waving Lace Socks quite a bit. I’m glad my non-knitting friends all accept that when we’re together there will be knitting on my part and it’s now just an accepted fact, not even worth commenting on. It’s very comforting to be able to chat while doing ones favorite pastime. We spent an enjoyable evening filling ourselves with sweets and wine, and listening to The Boyfriend regale us with stories of his glory days at Colvin Hall. 14 hours after leaving the hourse we returned. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed crawling into my bed as much as I did last night. Then at 5:25am the “kitty kitty bird” perched on the fence outside our window and began to serenade me. Oh what a lovely little #$&%!!!! I was up and that was it.

Later after working on the Lutea Lace Tank for a few hours and really not making much progress, my parents came to take The Boyfriend out for birthday dinner, which was delicious! We laughed and talked about motivation (affiliation, power, achievement…10 points if you can name the person who came up with this theory) and baseball scoring. Odd as it may seem, I found it all interesting.

OHHHHHH and my scatter brain is missing the fact that The Boyfriend LOVED his brain slug!!!! While I was glad the Brain Slug pleased him I’m more excited to see the number of knitters favoriting and queuing my patterns over on Ravelry. I’m thinking I will release a pattern a month and hopefully be able to charge for the more difficult ones, see the Fair Isle Top Down Gloves. I think it’s the feedback from my comrades that is so encouraging. I just hope to be creative enough and popular enough to become a full fledged Hand-Knit Designer.

And last but certainly not least, the second success came when The Boyfriend finally consented, after months of hard work on my part, to an addition to our family. Curlfect’s Once in a Blue Moon will be joining us in about a month when she’s old enough. While she’s not Nessa’s daughter she is a petite little blue female who is shy and sweet. Isn't she just the cutiest, look at those ears, and eyes and a little white near her nose! Just this past week she fell asleep in the crook of my arm. This limited my ability to knit (and we all know how I turn rabbid from lack of knitting) so I shifted her to my leg and propped her head up on a skein of yarn. It was the sweetest thing…

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